"Der Traum wird wahr"

Price list

Pants:  Price, CHF
 Shorten simple Jeans/ Pants  25 / 30
  shorten with turn-ups  28
 Waistband (narrow/broad)  35
 exchange the zipper (excl. zipper)  ab 30
 Jupe/ Skirt:  
 shoerten simple  35
 shorten with linen  45
 sides narrow/  broad with a waistbelt  45
 exchange the zipper (excl. RV)  30
 Make a new lining (excl. Material)  60
 Blazer / Veston / Jacket / Mantel:  
 Length shorten simple  50
 Length shorten with lining  60
 Length shorten with Vent  65
  Sleeves shorten simple  ab 40 
 Sleeves shorten with fake Buttonhole  50
 Sleeves shorten in shoulder area 80
 Blousen / Schirts  
 Length shorten simple  30
 Length shorten with vent  40
 Sleeves shorten simple  30
 Sleeves shorten with vent  35
 sides narrow / broader  40
 Length shorten simple  35/40
 Sides narrower/broader  ab 45
 Sleeves shorten simple  30
 Sleeves shorten with vent  40
 Armpits correct without lining  30
 Zipper  (excl. RV)  30-80
 Price per hour 50 
 Per Meter, coefficient for the lengths   24

Further work that is not carried out in the table can be carried out by arrangement.   Price list valid from 01.01.2022. For express work we allow ourselves to calculate a price surcharge of 20-50%.   We only work with clean clothes.